SGWW Wisdom Circles

We are entering a time when the wisdom of women will be in the forefront of growth and change on a local and global level. We have been suffering as individuals and communities for too long. It is past time for us to use our birth given skills and talents to transform suffering into joy. I believe that we, as women, have the ability to help each other create the foundation that we need to share our innate wisdom and strength with those we touch in our daily lives.  It is in our power to create, love, support, teach and help heal each other and our mother earth.

Unlock your Inner Wisdom

SGWW Wisdom Circles are for women 25+ who want to explore and unlock what lies beneath the surface.

You already have the wisdom that you need to change your outlook and your life. When you form a clearer picture of YOU and the gifts YOU have to offer, you can start to see yourself in a brand new light.

Each of us walks through this life in partnership with our higher power, romantic partners, professional allies and our inner voice. When we are out of step with any one of these things we can easily trip and fall.

Learn to follow YOUR path, celebrate YOUR gifts, and appreciate YOUR inner strength and YOUR wisdom.  

You don’t need to mortgage your house or pledge yourself to a guru to find yourself. Come do this work in a welcoming and safe space where you can share and learn and grow.

An Alternative Approach

There are thousands of self help groups and therapists in the Los Angeles area. When you try to choose from all of these it can make your head spin. And, as you know, it can also cost you and arm and a leg to begin your journey towards self actualization, self esteem and inner wisdom.

At SGWW, we see ourselves as facilitators and the focus is on the women in the circle. The intention is to create a safe space where women can support each other in doing the work we were born to do.We don’t want finances to get in the way of the intention. So, we only ask for a donation of whatever amount you see fit to offer to support.

Even if you are simultaneously doing deeper self work elsewhere, in SGWW Wisdom Circles you can expand your toolbox to include the wisdom and support of other women in an environment where ego and competition are left at the gate.

Let’s work together to help each other become stronger, wiser and a more complete versions of ourselves.