Competitive Womanhood is Exceedingly Boring

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That is the status update I felt compelled to post on facebook this morning. What inspired it? Well, that may take a few blog posts to explain. The issue of competitiveness comes up as a theme from time to time. I have written about it before on my personal blog. Competitive: The Other “C” Word. You can read a longer explanation of my perspective on competition.  “You can live happily in this competitive world only if you yourself are not competitive’ (ibid.).” ~Khrishnamurti Every time the issue comes up I re-examine my own dance with competition. It also makes me hyper sensitive to competitiveness around me. Why …

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J is for Journaling

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Sexy Journals get Written in More Often.  How does one blog when they have had a frustrating and/or rough night? That’s what journals are for. In your journal you can say what you want to that person or thing that made you angry/hurt/happy/loved/confused. They will never read it and neither will anyone else but you, EVER! So, if I can’t get a blog post out, due to a bad mood, or whatever, I journal about my day and get it out through my fingers. I always journal with pencil and paper. I write and write until it’s all out of me and …


F is for the “F” Word

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Feminism! Female! Are these the “F” words? Sometimes.  As I sit here surfing the interwebs for resources and ideas for the Smart Girl, Wise Woman curriculum, I am struck by a few things. I am reading articles found through web crawling through article after article and empowerment blog after blog. Many voices are silent. Many voices overshadowed by ceratin themes. Contrary to the “fears” of men, an empowered woman does not necessarily need to become a witch or a lesbian or hate men. Women come in all shapes and sizes, colors and politics. The feminist movement is often viewed as being …


C is for Changing the Woman you See in The Mirror

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No, I am not talking about the change in between the couch cushions.  No, I am not talking about changing your hair color or losing weight. No, I am not talking about just changing your wardrobe. How about changing the course your life is taking?  You wake up each day and look at yourself in the mirror. Well, I know I do. Who are you looking at? Are you looking at a victim or a survivor? Are you looking at your father’s/mother’s/society’s version of you? OR Are you looking at a woman who knows who she is and what her passions are? I sure …


All of the Above: B is for “Being a whole Person”

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Originally posted at: thanks to the work of Prof Yaba Blay Posted here as part of the A to Z Challenge. I am a whole person, not just that half that makes you comfortable. In college, I was one of three women co-coordinators of the African American Cultural Society. The other two women both had two black parents, yet there was NO line between us. We did good works and had a fantastic time. I never heard any whispers about why I was in that position. One day, a German/Irish woman in my Honors Latina Writers class told me that by calling myself …