What My Mother Taught Me

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Originally posted, Mother’s Day 2011 on my personal blog. Mothers and Daughters  The relationship between mothers and daughters can be a difficult one. When I talk to friends and acquaintances about our mothers I am often reminded about how blessed I am to have the special relationship I have with my mother, Eileen. On this Mother’s Day 2011 I want to state this plainly. Now, I am not saying it has always been butterflies and unicorns. We went through the classic difficult pre-teen and teen years. I am a Cancer, so I was quite the emotional young woman and my …

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It’s been a long time since I was a girl.  But there are times when that person doesn’t seem so far away. I’m glad she still has a place in my life. When I think of being a girl again, I am reminded of a concept I’ve shared with some over the years, it’s this – when you remain purposefully naïve about certain things in your life you will also remain joyful and appreciative and open to learning new things. I remain purposefully naïve about some things and glad that I do. I hope that as you grow, you can also remain …

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Happy 18th Birthday!

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“Youth is wasted on the young.” I was 18 years old, just moved to New York City, and was standing in Central Park reading the only quote by Shakespeare that I’ll probably ever be able to remember. “This quote is speaking directly to me,” I thought. And yet, I knew it meant something more than my inexperienced soul could fully grasp. After all, what he’s saying is that a person in their youth, by their very nature, will squander its’ gifts, and only the knowledge that comes with age can truly allow one to appreciate what it means to be …