C is for Changing the Woman you See in The Mirror

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No, I am not talking about the change in between the couch cushions.  No, I am not talking about changing your hair color or losing weight. No, I am not talking about just changing your wardrobe. How about changing the course your life is taking?  You wake up each day and look at yourself in the mirror. Well, I know I do. Who are you looking at? Are you looking at a victim or a survivor? Are you looking at your father’s/mother’s/society’s version of you? OR Are you looking at a woman who knows who she is and what her passions are? I sure …


All of the Above: B is for “Being a whole Person”

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Originally posted at: thanks to the work of Prof Yaba Blay Posted here as part of the A to Z Challenge. I am a whole person, not just that half that makes you comfortable. In college, I was one of three women co-coordinators of the African American Cultural Society. The other two women both had two black parents, yet there was NO line between us. We did good works and had a fantastic time. I never heard any whispers about why I was in that position. One day, a German/Irish woman in my Honors Latina Writers class told me that by calling myself …

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It’s been a long time since I was a girl.  But there are times when that person doesn’t seem so far away. I’m glad she still has a place in my life. When I think of being a girl again, I am reminded of a concept I’ve shared with some over the years, it’s this – when you remain purposefully naïve about certain things in your life you will also remain joyful and appreciative and open to learning new things. I remain purposefully naïve about some things and glad that I do. I hope that as you grow, you can also remain …

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Proud Tongva Woman

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When I was a child, I was always over weight.. This weight issue followed me into my 40’s. Being an obese child caused others to “pick on me”. Today it is called “bullying”. It was hurtful to be constantly reminded how over weight I was – Like I didn’t know! I also had to grow up with racism and predjudice as person of color. In addition I was just big, always taller, big boned. My heigth reached 5 ft 8 in. The highest weight was 300 pounds. So believe me I was big. My goal as a teen was to …

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Happy 18th Birthday!

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“Youth is wasted on the young.” I was 18 years old, just moved to New York City, and was standing in Central Park reading the only quote by Shakespeare that I’ll probably ever be able to remember. “This quote is speaking directly to me,” I thought. And yet, I knew it meant something more than my inexperienced soul could fully grasp. After all, what he’s saying is that a person in their youth, by their very nature, will squander its’ gifts, and only the knowledge that comes with age can truly allow one to appreciate what it means to be …