Competitive Womanhood is Exceedingly Boring

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That is the status update I felt compelled to post on facebook this morning. What inspired it? Well, that may take a few blog posts to explain. The issue of competitiveness comes up as a theme from time to time. I have written about it before on my personal blog. Competitive: The Other “C” Word. You can read a longer explanation of my perspective on competition.  “You can live happily in this competitive world only if you yourself are not competitive’ (ibid.).” ~Khrishnamurti Every time the issue comes up I re-examine my own dance with competition. It also makes me hyper sensitive to competitiveness around me. Why …


Staying Full of Joy during Tough Transitions

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I want to share something personal with all of you. It’s a new dawn It’s a new day It’s a new life For me And I’m feeling good  I am about to move out of a comfy house I have rented with my partner and our 2 kitties. My companion of 6 yrs and I are ending our relationship. Our friendship is strong, yet I will miss all the rest. There is sadness, sporadic chaos, stress and fear. But, you know what? There are also moments of laughter, fond memories, love and surrender. You want to take a guess which of these …

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Raising *Seed Money* for Supplies

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Hello everyone! I am getting all the last details together in order to start the first series of Smart Girl, Wise Woman workshops here in North Hollywood. I am working on a location and we have an amazing photo shoot planned in just over a week! Workshops will start in a few weeks. I am trying to raise the funds to be able to provide Journals and art supplies for this first 3 groups of young women. Do you have a couple of $$ to toss into the fund? Head over to “Chip In”. If you want me to, I will list …

Focus on Your Body: Yoga!

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Exercise can relieve stress, so it does not have to be hard work.  How many of you like to go to the gym, where it smells like sweat and you have to break your back to get in shape? I’ll tell you a secret. I can’t stand the gym. The smell. The people watching each other. Dodgy(dirty) workout equipment.  Blech! I even know some personal trainers who can’t that environment anymore. So, if you don’t dig the gym, where does a gal go to tone muscles, get her stretch on and feel amazing? Hiking is fun. Bike riding is great. But Yoga? Yoga heals. Yoga shreds …

Buying the “Perfect” You

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Can a girl or woman really buy her way to happiness? One of the biggest issues we deal with as women is media messaging. We are inundated with from the moment we start to consume mainstream media…television…toys…games…music…etc, as little girls. It has been proven that girls only need to watch 3 minutes of media or read a women’s/teen magazine for 3 minutes in order to feel bad about their bodies. It is disturbing to know that the world starts judging our bodies at birth.  Smart Girl, Wise Woman has a workshop on Media Messages, but this topic could be an 8 week curriculum all …

Fear of the Dark

Afraid of the Dark

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I can remember as a little girl being afraid of the dark. As the only girl in my family, I had to sleep alone in my own room. My parents read Dr. Benjamin Spock, and no way was I allowed to crawl into bed with them in the middle of the night. I remember wishing that I had a sister, but at age 6 when I asked my parents for a sister, they wisely told me that there was a 50% chance that I could end up with another brother. That was unthinkable, because my two younger brother hellions were …


What My Mother Taught Me

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Originally posted, Mother’s Day 2011 on my personal blog. Mothers and Daughters  The relationship between mothers and daughters can be a difficult one. When I talk to friends and acquaintances about our mothers I am often reminded about how blessed I am to have the special relationship I have with my mother, Eileen. On this Mother’s Day 2011 I want to state this plainly. Now, I am not saying it has always been butterflies and unicorns. We went through the classic difficult pre-teen and teen years. I am a Cancer, so I was quite the emotional young woman and my …