Raising *Seed Money* for Supplies

Tatyanna M. Wilkinson Gather the Women, Workshops Leave a Comment

Hello everyone! I am getting all the last details together in order to start the first series of Smart Girl, Wise Woman workshops here in North Hollywood. I am working on a location and we have an amazing photo shoot planned in just over a week! Workshops will start in a few weeks.

I am trying to raise the funds to be able to provide Journals and art supplies for this first 3 groups of young women. Do you have a couple of $$ to toss into the fund? Head over to “Chip In”. If you want me to, I will list you as a contributor on my links page with a link to your website. Thank you so much!

We are also planning a big outdoor pot luck women’s circle in early July for all of you local women. Stay tuned for more info. I can’t wait to see all of you!

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