M is for “Me: Reinvented”

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My life wasn’t perfect.

I grew up in the ghetto, without knowing my birth father. I didn’t have the best relationship with my mother or stepfather. I often felt alone, although I had friends. But moving around a lot made it hard to maintain friendships.

I witnessed violence in the home in the form of domestic violence and corporal punishment. I was the receiver of verbal abuse. But despite it all, I didn’t grow up a statistic of my circumstances; a high school dropout, a gang affiliate, a teen parent. In fact, I am the only member of my family thus far to obtain a college degree.

And although my mom and I didn’t really get along, she did love me. I know this because she enrolled me in the Big/Little Sisters program in Los Angeles. I had a Big Sister who I am still friends with to date. Spending a day with her once a week really changed my life from what it could have been. She, a fine artist, allowed me to dream out loud and to not limit my visions. To escape the hell I was in by throwing myself into infinite possibilities. I was a shy kid, but around her, I opened up about just about everything. She encouraged me to channel it in the arts.

So since the age of 10, I’ve been a writer. I’ve been able to go from writing in a diary to writing short stories and poetry. And I’ve been able to still do this as an adult, branching off to spoken word poetry and screenwriting. I also tried my hand at educational theatre and outreach, which I loved, and am now an aspiring film director.


What has kept me sane through the years is knowing that there is always room to grow. Despite harsh economic times, I am never afraid to dream or explore something new. I don’t believe one is too old to reinvent themselves. For me, there is no other way to live.


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