K is for Knitting and K-Y Jelly

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You can’t knit a scarf with K-Y Jelly

It’s true and you know it!

have found that coming up with a topic to write about can be a challenge, but for me it only happens on alternating Thursdays…like this one. I should have started a list of blog topics like I did workshop topics. I have no workshop topic that starts with a K. 

I reached out to my Facebook friends asking for a “K” topic and I got everything from K-Y jelly…uhm…  to Knitting. Now, although I have knowledge of both…I have never dug…uhm…deeply into either subject, so I cannot claim expertise.

A woman I know who is an expert and artistic knitting fanatic, could not write a post about “healthy body image” at the drop of a hat. The guy who suggested K-Y Jelly would not profess to be an expert on “mother daughter relationships”.

It should not surprise me that I got the answers I did when I asked for a “K” topic. It reminds me that I am the only one who knows my subject the way I do and has the passion to deliver the information in the way I do. My voice in unique like every other writer.

Tomorrow, for “L”, I have a good one for ya.

Do you get writers block? What do you do to break out of it?

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