Itching for a Change: Hair

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Maybe it is just because I am a Cancer, but every once in a while I itch wildly for a change. Sometimes the itch is so overhwleming I get impulsive.

When I feel a strong pull to change my hair, I really have to hold back that impulse as I ahve been known to go straight to a hair salon and do drastic and permenant “change” to my hair. Like the time I wanted to be pat Benatar back when I was 19 and I shaved the right side of my hair really short.


<—- Like this (this is not me, btw)…. 

It looked so cool at first, but it looked just awful growing back in.

How does one slow their roll when it comes to that ache inside that says…”do it! do it now!” ? Go into the salon. Ask if they can make you look amazing? Ask how much it will cost you…pass out at the price! Walk out of the salon once you wake up.

My strategy this time was to ask around the salons in my neighborhood to see if they do spiral perms. You see, my hair in literally hald straight and half curly. I used to get the bottom permed to match the top, but even with all the high end stylists out here in Los Angeles, nobody has been able to do it in 12 yrs. Very frustrating!

By the time I found one stylist at one local salon who does spiral perms, I had spent the money already…on the phone and internet bills. Much more pressing issues!

Well, I have waited two weeks and now I am ready. I got a surprise flow of cash and I am investing some of it in a very reasonably priced perm/cut tomorrow.
I’m excited and so glad I waited two weeks so I could be rational about this major chnage I am making.


See the straight parts? This was a good hair day. Usually it looks like I am wearing a curly wig on top of my straight hair.

I will post a “after” pic once the deed is done.

What changes have you been itching to make? Have you ever made a rash decision and regreted it alter? Tell us in the comments!

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    1. Hi Brittney! Here is the after:

    1. Hey Brenda! My hair grows pretty fast, but never grows much past my shoulders. It’s genetic. I sometimes color my hair, but I have a friend who has straight up pink hair and it is breathtaking. 

  1. I had hair down to pass my lower back and just walked into the hairdressers and told them to shave it all off except the top

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