G is for “The Girl Effect” & Girl Power Songs

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The Girl Effect is working to help young women in developing countries change their future. 

The Girl Effect is a MOVEMENT. It’s about about ending poverty. And it’s about doing so by investing in girls. Learn. Explore. And get involved. I dare you.
The Girl Effect is social change in action. It’s about you using your voice, your talents, and your community to help girls help themselves—and, as a result, everybody else.
An adolescent girl has the power to stop poverty before it starts. But she needs your help. She needs information, healthcare, and education. She needs laws to change, money in her pocket, and she needs her parents, her government, and the global community to see that she is valuable. Her change can’t happen without the girl champions who each bring their own superpowers to the party.

The math is simple: Girls + Girl Champions = Something Way Bigger Than All Of Us. That’s why we exist. That’s our whole schtick: to work with you and advance the Girl Effect.

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  1. I come from a time when great changes were happening for women (I’m 52) and really appreciate this site. Even though things are better, we still have a way to go. And I think that those who don’t like the word ‘feminism’ are those try to keep us in our place!!
    Rhia from Five Minute Piece for Inspiration (around # 802 in A to Z list today)

    1. Hi Rhia. Thanks for stopping by! My mother is 67 and she was still in the mix of the women’s movement when I was a girl. I had my mother as an example. Many young women don’t have places to explore being female and growing into who they are. That’s what Smart Girl, Wise Woman is for. 🙂 

  2. I don’t see how “So What” by Pink and “I Kissed a Girl” by Katie Perry are empowering. Pink’s song seems like she’s going to end up in jail for fighting and causing a ruckus, and “I Kissed a Girl” just seems like it’s adding to the sexualization of women. Besides, she says, “I hope my boyfriend don’t mind it,” which implies that she’s cheating. That’s not good behavior for any male or female and is very detrimental to relationships. I think we need to find other songs that are actually empowering. These songs just make me want to facepalm my forehead.

    1. Hi PMU. Thanks for commenting. I tend to agree with you. I asked a group of young women for songs and this is what I got. Mt choices would have been quite different. 🙂

    1. Thanks for the suggestions. I agree with “Survivor”. 

      I hope you find some other things on the site interesting. 

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