F is for the “F” Word

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Feminism! Female!

Are these the “F” words? Sometimes. 

As I sit here surfing the interwebs for resources and ideas for the Smart Girl, Wise Woman curriculum, I am struck by a few things. I am reading articles found through web crawling through article after article and empowerment blog after blog. Many voices are silent. Many voices overshadowed by ceratin themes.

Contrary to the “fears” of men, an empowered woman does not necessarily need to become a witch or a lesbian or hate men. Women come in all shapes and sizes, colors and politics. The feminist movement is often viewed as being radical or nothing. There is a perception that in order to be an empowered feminist that you have to shun men, makeup, don the robes of a preistess, etc. That is just not the reality for everyone. Those are life choices, not necessary in order to be an independant empowered woman or feminist activist.

When did I become a feminist?

When I was 6 I participated in a protest, with my mother’s women’s group, to stop the Miss Universe pageant from happening at the Civic Center in Springfield,Massachusetts. I was dressed up in curlers, a pink dress and a lot of makeup. Kinda’ like Toddlers in Tiaras 70s style. It was a statement and I was more than happy to participate.

Did I do any of that because someone forced me to? No. Was it all significant in the shaping of the whole integrated feminist woman that I am now? Yes.

I am a fully integrated female. I am a feminist. I love men. I don’t think they are all dogs. I am “sex positive” but monogamous. I absolutely love cooking for my partner, who is a man. I have, at least twice in my life, flirted with a woman. I participate in women’s circles AND I always dreamed of having 1 son and got my wish. He is 21.

I am not some contradiction. I am a female. Wide open for the world to see. Full. Juicy. Smart. Funny. Loving. Technically inclined. Creative. Assertive. I also take no bull.

The key is to gather bits and pieces of what others have to say about what being female means or what being a feminist is to them. Figure out what fits who YOU are. Then shine! Shine! Shine!

 Feminism is what you want it to be.

Female is what you say it is!

Have these words become “demonized” in your world? tell us about it. 

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  1. My 2nd wife left me with three daughters ranging in ages 3 to 9.  She was only occasionally there and her influence was not the best.  I raised them as a single father instilling in them a sense of independent spirit that they had the abilities to be whatever they aspired to be in life if they worked hard for it.  I encouraged strength and standing up for themselves, but I also tried to teach them good moral values and expose them to a traditional religious background.  They have all three grown into decent responsible women and 2 of them are doing a pretty darn good job of raising their own daughters.  I’m all for female.  Any gender can take the wrong road with screwed up beliefs.


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