Conjure Your Vision

Conjuring Your Vision

The idea: a 2 night, 2 1/2 day retreat for a small group of creative, brilliant, supportive sisters to share our ideas and dreams in order to gain fresh insight, support and energy to actualize our buisness/life goals.

This is quarterly event.

Location: A large private house in Southern california that is on acres of private land, has a jacuzzi, BBQ, indoor and outdoor space for circles, brainstorming and lots of play.


***Women’s circles for clearing space and opening the support channels.

***Making art together.

We are all creators in many ways, whether we have given birth, we make art for a living or as a hobby, create music on drums or other ways, sing, dance, act silly.

We will do all of this together as release of blocks and inspiration for fresh new energy to create out dream ideas.

The nitty gritty:

Each woman can lead activities above as her expertise allows. In addition each woman will have the time and safe space to share her current business or life’s work status, where she sees herself going, where she needs and desires support and we will help eachother formulate next steps and new ideas. There is opportunity for collaboration and follow-up with eachother.

I would like to create an energetic container for amazing women to really get what they need from their sister’s outside of a biz coaching enviroment and in the way our matriarchal ancestors sat together to create the future together.

This time is for US.

We will have 6 sisters Max to keep the intimacy and time for everyone to get what they need.

Begin to Conjure Your Vision. Contact me for more information.