Chasing the Blues Away

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Sometimes “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” won’t cut it!

Sometimes you are down and need to hibernate or back off from your usual activities to re-group. Trust me, this is a normal thing and you should not feel ashamed of wanting to do so.

Self help books will tell you that it is just a matter of choosing to be happy. There is a place for that kind of thinking, but what if that does not work? What if even the sunny sky looks grey to you and nothing seems to make you laugh anymore?

You might be depressed.  In that case, you may choose to seek the help of a counselor. 

Some early depression signs to look out for:

  • Not sleeping well.
  • Not able to focus.
  • Randomly feeling sad.

You might just have the blues? Here are some tips for fending them off:

Go for a walk/Get out into Nature: One of the ways to break a pattern like feeling blue is to change your surroundings. What better than listening to birds sing? What about taking off your shoes and feeling the grass between your toes? These sensual tactile things can get you out of your problems and into a new fresh place.

Exercise! Not just any exercise, but something fun! Have you ever wanted to try Capoeira and not had the chance? What about joining a bike riding group? Or, what about combining the outdoors and your exercise and going for a hike in the hills? That always works for me. 

Nurture your body and mind with good food. My friend Sam Grant is a Certified Nutritionist. She would say to cut back on sugar intake and maybe even try a healthy food detox. The food you eat could be contributing to the way you feel emotionally. This is especially true for us women due to our natural hormonal fluctautions during the month. 

Spend time with someone you like. My guess is that you just want to be alone. Right? I get that. I do the same isolating thing when I feel down. But, if you can pick up the phone or manage a text to one of your best girlfriends, you may just find that the laughter you two can have together shakes up the dark clouds a bit, even if it is temporary.

Or…you could write in your journal to get it all out of you and onto the page. Look at my post on Sensual Journals for journal inspiration.

What strategies do you have to chase the blues away?

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