Chasing the Blues Away

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Sometimes “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” won’t cut it! Sometimes you are down and need to hibernate or back off from your usual activities to re-group. Trust me, this is a normal thing and you should not feel ashamed of wanting to do so. Self help books will tell you that it is just a matter of choosing to be happy. There is a place for that kind of thinking, but what if that does not work? What if even the sunny sky looks grey to you and nothing seems to make you laugh anymore? You might be depressed.  In that case, you …


Where am I Exactly? Wordcount Blogathon Launch

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Wordcount Blogathon 2012 Launch! Today is the first day of the Blogathon. Smart Girl, Wise Woman is written with a focus on topics that will be useful for young women, but women of all ages can find something here. I would like to highlight a few of my recent posts, as many readers will be here for the first time: Changing the Woman you See in the Mirror is about shifting your life path in a direction more true to who you see in the “mirror”. Ever feel the need to end a bad habit or a bad phase of a relationship? Lookie here, I have some …


Women’s Circles: A Massage for the Spirit

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Women’s Circles are like a magical massage for your spirit.  On the eve of my private Women’s Circle, which meets once a month at my house, I want to share the wonderful richness that is a Wisdom Circle with all of you. In my life, I have been blessed to have some pretty amazing friendships with women.  This was not always the case. Our culture creates a great deal of false competition between women and I am sure we have all had the experience of feeling that being in a group of women is like being in a game of dodge ball, with everyone trying …


N is for Next Steps Towards Being the Real You

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Sometimes, Putting one Foot in Front of the Other is the Hardest Part Whether you are 18 or 80, you can be faced with a moment when you need to re-invent yourself like Danita did. Our childhood experience, environment and circumstances can have us erroneously believing that making a big change is too difficult, scary or we just don’t deserve it. So, what are the barriers to taking action towards the new you? For me, the hardest part is the first step. Ever get the feeling that you must jump into the frying pan with both feet. That’s a pretty scary feeling for me. Who wants to get burned? But, …


L is for Lover not a Fighter

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Fighting Fairly can Lead to More Lovemaking If we are honest, many of us have been the one who is not fighting fairly in a love relationship. But, even if you learn to fight fairly, it is nearly impossible when the other person is not doing the same. It can be the most frustrating experience since driving backwards blind-folded. I came across this compilation of many lists of do’s and don’ts for fighting fair. I trust that when you read it, you will recognize some of these behaviors that make fighting more hurtful and difficult. Thousands of people have written about fighting fair.  …


K is for Knitting and K-Y Jelly

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You can’t knit a scarf with K-Y Jelly It’s true and you know it! I have found that coming up with a topic to write about can be a challenge, but for me it only happens on alternating Thursdays…like this one. I should have started a list of blog topics like I did workshop topics. I have no workshop topic that starts with a K.  I reached out to my Facebook friends asking for a “K” topic and I got everything from K-Y jelly…uhm…  to Knitting. Now, although I have knowledge of both…I have never dug…uhm…deeply into either subject, so I cannot claim expertise. A …

oberon journal

J is for Journaling

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Sexy Journals get Written in More Often.  How does one blog when they have had a frustrating and/or rough night? That’s what journals are for. In your journal you can say what you want to that person or thing that made you angry/hurt/happy/loved/confused. They will never read it and neither will anyone else but you, EVER! So, if I can’t get a blog post out, due to a bad mood, or whatever, I journal about my day and get it out through my fingers. I always journal with pencil and paper. I write and write until it’s all out of me and …

I is for Ignorance is not Bliss

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“Ignorance is Bliss” I am sure you have heard this saying. It can mean different things, but let’s talk about not knowing what dangers lie ahead. Is that really bliss? Is it bliss to have the wool pulled over your eyes? Is it bliss to bury your head in the sand? bliss   n. 1. Extreme happiness; ecstasy. 2. The ecstasy of salvation; spiritual joy. Phrasal Verb: bliss out Slang To go into a state of ecstasy. I truly believe that it is better to see the whole picture. You have as much information as possible. Sometimes truths or realities can be hard …