Competitive Womanhood is Exceedingly Boring

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That is the status update I felt compelled to post on facebook this morning. What inspired it? Well, that may take a few blog posts to explain. The issue of competitiveness comes up as a theme from time to time. I have written about it before on my personal blog. Competitive: The Other “C” Word. You can read a longer explanation of my perspective on competition.  “You can live happily in this competitive world only if you yourself are not competitive’ (ibid.).” ~Khrishnamurti Every time the issue comes up I re-examine my own dance with competition. It also makes me hyper sensitive to competitiveness around me. Why …


Where am I Exactly? Wordcount Blogathon Launch

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Wordcount Blogathon 2012 Launch! Today is the first day of the Blogathon. Smart Girl, Wise Woman is written with a focus on topics that will be useful for young women, but women of all ages can find something here. I would like to highlight a few of my recent posts, as many readers will be here for the first time: Changing the Woman you See in the Mirror is about shifting your life path in a direction more true to who you see in the “mirror”. Ever feel the need to end a bad habit or a bad phase of a relationship? Lookie here, I have some …

G is for “The Girl Effect” & Girl Power Songs

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  The Girl Effect is working to help young women in developing countries change their future.  The Girl Effect is a MOVEMENT. It’s about about ending poverty. And it’s about doing so by investing in girls. Learn. Explore. And get involved. I dare you. The Girl Effect is social change in action. It’s about you using your voice, your talents, and your community to help girls help themselves—and, as a result, everybody else. An adolescent girl has the power to stop poverty before it starts. But she needs your help. She needs information, healthcare, and education. She needs laws to change, money …


F is for the “F” Word

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Feminism! Female! Are these the “F” words? Sometimes.  As I sit here surfing the interwebs for resources and ideas for the Smart Girl, Wise Woman curriculum, I am struck by a few things. I am reading articles found through web crawling through article after article and empowerment blog after blog. Many voices are silent. Many voices overshadowed by ceratin themes. Contrary to the “fears” of men, an empowered woman does not necessarily need to become a witch or a lesbian or hate men. Women come in all shapes and sizes, colors and politics. The feminist movement is often viewed as being …