Focus on Your Body: Yoga!

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Exercise can relieve stress, so it does not have to be hard work.  How many of you like to go to the gym, where it smells like sweat and you have to break your back to get in shape? I’ll tell you a secret. I can’t stand the gym. The smell. The people watching each other. Dodgy(dirty) workout equipment.  Blech! I even know some personal trainers who can’t that environment anymore. So, if you don’t dig the gym, where does a gal go to tone muscles, get her stretch on and feel amazing? Hiking is fun. Bike riding is great. But Yoga? Yoga heals. Yoga shreds …

Buying the “Perfect” You

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Can a girl or woman really buy her way to happiness? One of the biggest issues we deal with as women is media messaging. We are inundated with from the moment we start to consume mainstream media…television…toys…games…music…etc, as little girls. It has been proven that girls only need to watch 3 minutes of media or read a women’s/teen magazine for 3 minutes in order to feel bad about their bodies. It is disturbing to know that the world starts judging our bodies at birth.  Smart Girl, Wise Woman has a workshop on Media Messages, but this topic could be an 8 week curriculum all …


Itching for a Change: Hair

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Maybe it is just because I am a Cancer, but every once in a while I itch wildly for a change. Sometimes the itch is so overhwleming I get impulsive. When I feel a strong pull to change my hair, I really have to hold back that impulse as I ahve been known to go straight to a hair salon and do drastic and permenant “change” to my hair. Like the time I wanted to be pat Benatar back when I was 19 and I shaved the right side of my hair really short.   <—- Like this (this is not me, btw)….  It looked …