Buying the “Perfect” You

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Can a girl or woman really buy her way to happiness?

One of the biggest issues we deal with as women is media messaging. We are inundated with from the moment we start to consume mainstream media…television…toys…games…music…etc, as little girls.

It has been proven that girls only need to watch 3 minutes of media or read a women’s/teen magazine for 3 minutes in order to feel bad about their bodies. It is disturbing to know that the world starts judging our bodies at birth.  Smart Girl, Wise Woman has a workshop on Media Messages, but this topic could be an 8 week curriculum all on it’s own!

Project Girl is doing amazing work on this issue in a creative, powerful and girl focused way. Their mission: 

PROJECT GIRL combines art, media literacy, and youth led activism.

PROJECT GIRL is a ground-breaking girl-led, arts-based initiative created to enable girls to become better informed critical consumers of mass media advertising and entertainment. In other words, to become more media literate.

PROJECT GIRL’s unique approach uses art as the means to educate, inspire, and create social change. . The Project Girl gives girls the structure to be the producers of their own culture, not just passive receivers of a culture that is trying to sell them something.

One of the most insidious messages girls and women get is that we can feel happy as long as we buy the right makeup, use the right hair products, wear the right bathing suit, etc. If you feel bad about who you are, just spend some cash on fancy popular stuff. It’s THAT easy!

Take a look at this short cartoon video Project Girl created in 2009:

How have media messages impacted how you feel about your body and your beauty? 

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