Smart Girl, Wise Woman is a blog, forum and workshop series for young women 18-24. 

There are thousands of self help groups, life coaches and gurus who cater to women in their late 20s, 30s and older. Where do young women fit in between adolescent rights of passage groups and the Women’s Circles so many of your mothers and grandmothers attend?

Right here, that’s where!

Smart Girl, Wise Woman was born out of many discussions with women from 15-60 yrs old, who expressed that they wish they had a better relationship with their mothers. It made me realize that my strong, emotionally healthy and supportive relationship with my mother is more rare than the norm and it made me even more grateful. But, the other thing it did is make me think about all of the things I got from my mother that many other women just don’t get for one reason or another. 

The BLOG: the blog is a place where you can read wisdom from older women, mothers, sisters, grandmothers and friends. Like Thanksgiving dinner on the internet with stories full of happy and sad times, triumph, failure, compassion, heartache but most of all the power to overcome and grow from life’s sometimes hard lessons. 

Women’s Wisdom- Writing by women over 30 who have generously shared their true, real and often raw stories of their transition to womenhood. 

Girl’s Voices- An opportunity for younger girls to express themselves in an anonymous and safe way. They have asked me for this space and I could not resist.

Flutters- The stories and struggles, hopes and dreams of you, women 18-24, who have a lot to say! Young women who take the Smart Girl, Wise Woman workshops will get a chance to tell their stories and talk about their experiences as they grow from Crysillis to Butterfly. Spread your wings! Express yourself.

Note: If you have a burning desire to contribute but don’t live in Los Angeles and cannot attend a workshop, I will accept submissions once a month on our monthly topic. Stay tuned. Subscribe to the newsletter to stay informed.

The WORKSHOPS: A series of really affordable, almost free workshops where young women get to play, grow and create their futures together. The workshops will be held in North Hollywood, CA with plans to hold online seminars in the future. Look for more info late March on this site, on facebook and in our newsletter. 

The FORUM: A place to have discussions about the workshop topics and blog posts when what you want to say seems too long for a “comment”. Any woman, anywhere, all over the world can become a registered member of Smart Girl, Wise Woman and join the discussion. The only rule aside from respecting everyone is that members must be a self identified woman and/or woman born. The forum will be a safe space for women. We will leave room on the blog for discussions with men. 

Check out our page on facebook: SMART GIRL, WISE WOMAN

“A woman is like a butterfly….
If you want her to stay near you, but fly as she should,
you must not brush the dust off her magical wings,
nor control her essence in your hand…
her beauty will be held only by a stillness and purity of heart.” -Andrew Hawkes

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